Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes split line

Behind the scenes

It’s a dull Saturday in London and we find ourselves in a railway arch next to a go-karting centre in Mile End, East London. Every now and again you can hear the trains rattle by on the central line taking people into the heart of the West End.

Kate is our stylist, Simon (who has photographed the likes of Naomi Campbell) is our photographer, and Reef (yes, that is his real name) is modelling for us today.

If you have never been on a shoot before, the actual day is the culmination of a lot of work. First Kate sends our team mood boards to show the kind of look she thinks will work for Slaith.  We have worked with her before and she is very good at finding fresh ideas for us. Next, we have to choose which garments we want to photograph and what clothes we need to go with them. Finally, we scour the hire companies for just the right kind of props.

So, we start our day by getting all the props out – we have ladders, wooden chairs, an easel, a vintage mannequin and a vintage hat block to put together to create a backdrop. But we have a major distraction. Simon has a pair of Devon Rex kittens who skitter around and delight us all, especially Reef who wants to take them home.

We try a few of the Slaith garments on Reef and they fit perfectly. After they are all steamed we get on with the work. Our backdrop has been chosen to make shooting as easy as possible because we know we have a lot of garments to shoot and only one day to do it in. Our designer Charlotte and Kate keep an eagle eye on each pose, checking the shots as they come through, to make sure we have a variety of images for each style.

It’s a hard day’s work but worth it for the sensational images we can bring you.

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