I’m in the Mood for Glamping - Yorkshire Style

I’m in the Mood for Glamping - Yorkshire Stylesplit line

Don’t you just love a linguistic blend? Otherwise known as portmanteau words. Chillax. Brunch. Bromance… I could go on all day.

Joking aside, Glamping is one portmanteau word I do appreciate. Glamorous Camping for those not in the know (or the frow. Sorry).

If glamping is good enough for Jamie Oliver and Kate Moss et al, then it’s good enough for me. And the champers campers amongst us don’t have to schlep all the way to the bijou heights of Devon and Cornwall to enjoy the very best in posh camping – simply head to Yorkshire - or God’s county – for a warm welcome, some of the best countryside you’ll ever experience, and a superb selection of glamp-sites.

This summer, my friends and I will be heading over to Bivouac at Druid’s Temple (yes, it has a real Druid’s temple, what else could you ask for?). This is what sold it to me, via www.coolcamping.com:

This glampsite is an enchanting location… there are fully-furnished hillside yurts with see-for-miles views, as well as Robinson Crusoe woodland shacks, with a rustic-chic terraced café at the heart of the operation… the shacks not only have bathrooms with flushing toilets, but also wood-burners with a kitchen range attached.

There are some hardships – erm, let’s see, you have to walk over to the café for internet access – but between a soak in the woodland hot tub (using their own eco-toiletries range, naturally), a massage from the resident therapist, and meals from the café delivered to your yurt, we’ll think you’ll manage.

Check out this link for a whole host of fabulous Yorkshire glamping. And make sure you pop over to Slaith to say ‘‘ow do’ when you’re in the area. https://www.coolcamping.co.uk/search?q=yorkshire+

Happy glamping.


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