Slaith - Why Forgotten is the Finest

Slaith - Why Forgotten is the Finestsplit line

They say the early bird catches the worm in Yorkshire so let me tell you about Slaith, as I feel it's my duty to tell every stylish chap I know.

Slaith creates the finest worsted spun yarn in the world. It's seamless knitwear at its finest, and once you've worn one of their hand-finished garments you will know exactly why they say 'From Forgotten Comes Finest'.

Situated deep in the Yorkshire Pennines, the Slaith mill has been brought back to life to create fashionable knitwear that boasts heritage and offers timeless style. You won't find anything else like it; and some could say I am biased, but being a gent who enjoys the finer things in life it's hard for me not to love the classic luxury and unbelievable quality that Slaith offers. 

I could ramble on forever about how great Slaith's knitwear experience is, but here are some snaps I took around the grand old mill instead.  

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