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The finest knitwear with a superior fit. The softest knitwear you've ever touched. Lighter, yet stronger and more durable than anything that's gone before. Our blend of traditional spinning skills, with cutting edge advancements in technology, push the boundaries of convention and theory. At Slaith, we do things others can only dream of.

We blend various rare fibres with multi-strand compound yarns to create something of superior quality: a unique yarn that is set to redefine knitwear. Hand finished in Slaithwaite, to be the best in the world. Once again.


  • Original mill built
    1885  Read
    1885  Original mill built
  • New mill
    1907  Read
    1907  New mill built. This remains our home to this day.
  • 1910 Richard Browns grandfather Mellor Whitwam Read
    1910  Richard Brown's grandfather Mellor Whitwam serves his apprenticeship before WW1. During the war he joins the Royal Flying Corps and is responsible for installing the first Rolls Royce engine into an aeroplane.
  • Mellor Whitwam
    1930  Read
    1930  Mellor Whitwam runs the mill until 1952. His sister Agnes, now 101, spent her working life at the mill and remembers it very fondly.
  • Audrey Whitwam
    1938  Read
    1938  His daughter Audrey Whitwam wins a gold medal for textile design at Huddersfield Technical College – something that was unheard of for a woman at the time.
  • 1952  Read
    1952  Audrey takes over the running of the mill, and later marries Herbert Brown. As a leading textile engineer with his own business, Herbert Brown was the then leading supplier of weaving equipment to British mills.
  • 1974  Read
    1974  After spending time in engineering and manufacturing, Richard Brown joined the company and focused on yarn spinning and knitting.
  • 1980  Read
    1980  Richard Brown creates our spinning division
  • 1983 decoration line Read
    1983  Plant installed to make hand knitting yarns
  • 1987 decoration line Read
    1987  Awarded 1st and 2nd place in the UK-hand knitting association annual competition
  • 1990 decoration line Read
    1990 decoration line Re-equipped the plant
  • 2005 decoration line Read
    2005  Only surviving worsted spinner left in the UK, making the finest worsted suiting yarns in the world
  • 2005 decoration line Read
    2005  Perfected spinning yarn with crushed diamonds
  • Danielle Brown
    2010 decoration line Read
    2010 decoration line Richard's daughter Danielle Brown joins
  • 2014 decoration line Read
    2014  Slaith is born (using worsted spinning machinery that's over 100 years old).